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What is Demand Response?

Flexible process

Load with flexible process

Flexible local production (e.g. Diesel groupe)

Load curve with flexible local production

How does it work ?

ENGIE NextFlex - Chiffre 1 - 1ère étape pour moduler consommation électriqueQUALIFICATION

We determine to what extent your site can adapt its electricity consumption to our demand, especially for curtailment.

We identify together:

  • Your flexible equipment
  • The flexible available power of these equipments

NextFlex tells you if your site is eligible for a curtailment valuation offer

ENGIE NextFlex - Chiffre 2 - 2ème étape pour flexibiliser sa consommation électriqueEVALUATION

Together we determine:

  • The curtail formats you can provide
  • The technical solution to be used to activate these curtailments

NextFlex gives you the value of your curtailment capacity

ENGIE NextFlex - Chiffre 3 - 3ème étape pour flexibiliser sa consommation électriqueREALIZATION

We sign a valuation contract, independent of your electricity supply contract

NextFlex sets up the curtail activation solution and we test it

NextFlex gives you all the data to track your curtailment performance and quantify your revenue

Flexibility sources

  • Diesel backups

  • Lighting (partial switch off)

  • Cold storage and large HVAC (Thermal inertia and modulation)

  • Pumps (Buffer tanks, modulation)

  • Flexible production process and buffer

  • Others

    And many other flexible equipments…

NextFlex in a few numbers

+ 300

Industrial and large building sites valorized


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