The offer NextFlex is:

ENGIE NextFlex is committed to boosting revenue and meeting the needs of every customer regardless of their business

Benefit from a customized solution tailored to your business

Whatever your business, we will analyze your processes with you. Our offer will take into account all your constraints. Complete our questionnaire to verify your eligibility. To learn more about our customers, Click here.

Track your profits in real time

The FlexReport, a custom dashboard allows you to track all the items in your account.

Enjoy many benefits including:

  • View the volume of your monthly earnings
  • Track your electricity consumption
  • Set activation alerts
  • Check your availability calendar
  • Download your performance reports and financial statements
Flexreport Nextflex-Customer space for the monitoring of electric demand response flexibility

Monthly Gain


Number of demand response

Contact an expert NextFlex to learn about electrical flexibility in France and Belgium

Benefit from expert assistance NextFlex daily

Our ENGIE experts in demand response and demand side management are close to our customers. You can reach us by phone, mail, chat and we will be able to answer all your technical or contractual questions. To learn more about demand response and electrical flexibility, see FlexiPedia.

Take advantage of the FlexiBox

We propose you to automate the realization of your demand response . For this, we have a hardware solution, the Flexibox, with which we communicate via the GSM network or, failing that, via ADSL or Internet. We install it on your site and connect it to your flexible equipment. It can also be connected to one of your controllers or to a supervisory system (e.g. a GTC). The Flexibox has two functions: send orders to your flexible capacity and retrieve information to control the smooth running of a demand response (counting data, fault signal, etc.). The interest is to reduce the time to mobilize your capacity and/or avoid any human intervention. Do not hesitate to consult us on this subject.

FlexiBox by NextFlex -Installation of a demand response -Electric flexibility tool

2 ACTIVATION Possibilities

Manual Activation

  1. You are notified
  2. The teams on site control the activation of your capacity

Automated Activation

  1. You are notified
  2. The teams NextFlex automatically activate your capacity via our Flexibox control box

3 steps to simply enhance your electric demand response

ENGIE NextFlex -Figure 1-1st step to modulate power consumption

We determine the extent to which your site can adapt its electricity consumption to our demand, especially to do demand response. We identify together:

  • Your flexible assets
  • The power of these equipment

NextFlex tells you if your site is eligible for a demand response offer

ENGIE NextFlex -Figure 2-2nd step to flexibilize its power consumption

We determine together:

  • The formats of demand response that you can ensure
  • The technical solution to be implemented to activate the demand response assets

NextFlex informs you of the value for your demand response capacity

ENGIE NextFlex -Figure 3-3rd step to flexibilize its power consumption

  • We sign a demand response contract, independent of your electricity supply contract
  • NextFlex sets up the demand response dispatch solution and we test it

NextFlex transmits all the data to track your performance demand response and quantify your income

Take advantage of additional compensation free of charge without investment without difficulty