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The role of NextFlex in the energy transition

Twenty years ago, the totality of electricity production in western Europe was ensured by centralised means, in the case of nuclear power plants or fueled by fossil fuels (coal, gas, fuel). Ensuring national needs resulted in a simple equation:

This is a diagram of the equation used to balance the production and consumption of electricity every day.

The expected depletion of fossil resources and the awareness of environmental impact have led to the development of renewable energies (photovoltaic, wind and hydraulic production). Now we are evolving into a system of decentralised production, increasingly rich in renewable energies. Decentralized production is the production of electrical energy using small-capacity installations connected to the electrical grid at different voltage levels. In addition, consumers are increasingly able to influence their electrical consumption profile (intelligent thermostats, electric vehicles, building supervision systems, etc.).

Illustration on the diagram below:

This is a scheme of a decentralized production park. This diagram illustrates all the current production and consumption parks

This multiplicity of sources of production or unannounced consumption is a real challenge for power grid operators. Indeed they must ensure at all times the balance between production and consumption on the network. But these sources vary their production or consumption in ways that are increasingly difficult to predict...

NextFlex is a provider of solutions to help the grid operator to rebalance production and electricity consumption. In particular, in case of peak consumption at national level or of production troughs (especially if there is little sun and wind), NextFlex Active for remuneration the flexible capacities of the industrial and tertiary sites that are its partners.

The equation becomes:

This is the new scheme of the create equation to keep a new balance of electricity production and consumption.

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